We are a small group of friends with common interests, Street Rods, Classic Cars, Hot Rods, good food, and cruising.

The club was started by a few hot rodders who decided Route 66 was getting a little crowded and that Old Highway 99 on the West Coast was getting overlooked.

Well, you see it happened like this . . .  We all came from other car clubs, that were really great clubs, but spent too much time talking about how to make money . . . and how to give it away.  All the "jawing" about money was taking the "fun" out of the car thing, and well, the rest is history . . .

At a usual Friday night dinner (meeting) rules for the Old 99 Car Club were discussed and the Club President decided there should be only one rule, "No Rules."  (The Presidency rotates among members each week to keep things fresh.)

The next discussion was club dues.  Having just decided there would be "No Rules" setting a dues rule seemed contrary to our primary premise.  Money decisions was a basic reason to form the Old 99 Car Club and without dues there is no need for bookkeeping or discussions about the care of club money, allowing more time to plan "fun" events and trips in our street rods.

The results of our planning created the Old 99 Car Club slogan;

   "No Rules . . .  No Dues . . .  Just Fun ! ! !

Our future plans include:

1)  Providing a listing and related information for eating establishments we visit and enjoy.

2)  Collecting scenic photographs of Old Highway 99 and posting them on this site for all to enjoy.

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History of the Old 99 Car Club
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