Will & Rhonda's 1954 Morris Minor
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This page was last updated: August 18, 2010
The Morris Minor is a split windshield 1954, in fact it is the only year they were made, all others were full windshield. They call the little wagon a Traveler. The roof and side, and rear are aluminum and the wood I believe is oak. I have retrofitted the engine with a 1600 Ford early Pinto motor, also the transmission is a 4 speed Pinto as well. Travelers were known for there ahead of the times rack and pinion steering, as well as there marginal brakes. I have owned this twice, the first as just a pile of parts, on a trailer which I then traded to Glen Scott, who had a strange dream one night, and turned it into a very weird looking pickup, I upon getting it back turned it into it's proper form ...."Woody Wagon Traveler."  It has a logo of a bull on the emblem on the front?  So for those who need to know, well,.........I sometimes play with my little woody, and of course some day's play with my big woody as well.                                                 


Lacey, WA - October 25, 2007
April  20, 2008 - Olympia Cruise
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