Will's 1930 Ford Model A
Sedan Delivery
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This page was last updated: September 26, 2010
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I recently got this neat little 1930 FORD sedan delivery (model A) in a trade.... or that is I traded my 1937 Plymouth coupe for it. I was taken with it's rarity and stance. It sports a v6 Buick engine with a two barrel carb and a 350 turbo tranny with a camaro rear end. The front end has a 4 or 5 inch drop axle with a mono spring and hair pins with a vega box cross arm steering. I got big plans for it but will have to wait till were staying around the shack a little more, seems we been cruzin it ever since we got it. I burnt some mid night oil rewiring it and adding a plug for the trailer to plug in, Hell, I even towed a trailer with it on our first rod run to long beach and the little girl handled it well, all in all I hated to loose the coupe but love this a lot and pretty satisfied with the trade. We were able to score 20 mpg on a trip to Lincoln City for the Surf City car show at the Chinook Winds Casino. Will post info later as I dig into it's innards.